Welcome to EditVR

EditVR is a post-house that specializes in editing live action features for a virtual reality environment. These films are available on the Samsung platform via Oculus hardware.  We plan to distribute across other VR platforms as they become viable. Each VR project provides a series of technical and aesthetic challenges, which we are uniquely positioned to address and turn into a successful product. There are three different divisions of our company — FX, post production and audio post.

Daniel Gaucher is the founder of EditVR. He has a Masters degree in Fine Arts and is the senior faculty member in Emerson College's post-production program. He has worked for Discovery, PBS, Bravo, National Geographic, MTV, VH-1 and NBC as an editor for a total of 25 years. He oversees EditVR, the acquisition of new projects and manages the team's day to day post activities.